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descriptive day! - germoffu

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January 21st, 2006

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10:57 pm - descriptive day!
Today was a wonderful, sad, painful, long, hilarious, awkward and interesting day. Lost? Lemme explain the details:

LOL, THE SENS WON! 7-0! OWNAGEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Hehe and work was soooo fun, wow, it was just so great. I got through most of my homework, and a loongggggggg nap. Ah I love today.

I didn’t get to go to auntie rhonda’s wedding T_T, I missed June’s b-day too, and now she’s gonna kill me <.<.

I never understood how painful it is to push carts outside. I offered to help, and OMG IT’S SO PAINFUL! Stupid snow makes it so hard to push, and the fact that my shoes didn’t have any grip wasn’t making it any better.

Work is always long. A 2:30 – 10:00 shift is just so long <.<.

I was talking to a customer, and then it turns out her daughter goes to my school, and then she’s was like, hey, I’ll set u up with my daughter or with one of her friends. LOL, that was so awkward and hilarious! Of course she was jking…. At least I think she was O_O.

A while back like in the beginning of school this year, I was talking with a couple of grade 9 friends, and then they had a friend that I was introduced to, well sorta. Anyways, that girl came in today, and she was so surprised to see me working in the electronics area. When she walked in, both our eyes met and OPENED WIDE O_O. lol, of course we didn’t actually speak though lol. Awkward eh? I actually never caught her name o.o.

Bah, all my days are interesting. I wonder how my classes next year will turn out. There’s a couple of friendships that I wanna fix, instead of just having awkward stares and gestures.

So that was my day, how was urs?
Current Mood: impressedimpressed
Current Music: FM Static - Hold me twice

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