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January 2nd, 2006

01:12 am - You gotta love this song!
Hurray for Family Reunions ^^. Ohhhhhh lyrics for a sad movie that i got from onee-chan =O!

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January 1st, 2006

03:49 pm - Happy new year!!!
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........I'M LOOKING AT U AERIS...... ^^, inside joke guys XD
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Current Music: Yuki Kajiura - You are my love

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December 31st, 2005

10:30 pm - Happy new year everyone!
Ah Tsubasa Chronicles is sooooo good. XD

So where do I start? How about how my day was ^^?

Well, I finally got to watch the rest of tsubasa Chronicles. Hurrah, and then after that, went to work X_X.

Guess who I saw while working o.o? AHHHH STEPH, CARMEN, DENISE, KAREN, and JEAN. <.<, yes yes, I have a very flashy green as my uniform <.<. Paid off my debt to brad, and ended up getting myself Xenosaga 2, Mulan and Aladdin =D. Talked to the assistant store manager and offered to help out. Ended up doing some cashier work and met Steph who ended up being a lifesaver =D.

I’m in a mix of emotions right now, too many thoughts swirling in my mind. For now, I’m just happy that I was able to get some tsubasa chronicles songs.

Gomen Princess windy wendy fifi and Onee-chan, looks like I cant really watch Memoirs of a Geisha with u guys. I have to work on tues. like practically all day <.<. Gomen
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: Yui Makino - Tsubasa (Sakura version)

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December 27th, 2005

07:41 pm - enjoying the holidays
Ah it's so great to wake up late everyday after sleeping at 2ish. XD

Hurray for the holidays. So much time to watch anime ^^! I guess that and homework is pretty much my holiday for this christmas time. heheh ^^
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Current Music: Naruto!!!!

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December 22nd, 2005

10:32 pm - running away?
It’s interesting what can happen when you have a low self-esteem. Attitude changes, and you seem to forget the things that you should appreciate, the things important in your life. You’d do anything to escape life, and into a different “reality”, even if it may hurt you later on.

Isn’t it true? Don’t you just wish the depressing moment would just past, or that it never existed? But then again, a high self-esteem isn’t that good either is it?

It’s awkward how one emotion can link up with another one and become a chain link. When you tug it, it drags all of it.

But even if you did escape reality, would it change the current circumstances? Would thinks change for the best…… or perhaps make the situation worse? Think about it, before you do anything. Running away won’t help things, but a lil bravery can go a long way. Facing the darkness isn’t always easy, but when you show the light inside of you, what do you think wins? Light conquers the darkness anytime.

Always stay true to urself. Never let anyone influence you because you are who you are. Live life like how God wants you to live, and your treasures will be stored in heaven.

Damn virus is eating up my computer T_T. Hopefully I’ll get it reformatted soon. ^^

Merry Kuri everyone!
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Current Music: FM Static - Hold me twice

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December 19th, 2005

10:53 pm - awkward moments...?
Oh the fun the fun. I'm exhausted from work <.<. I wish I could have a weeks worth of just sleeping. So tired.......

Dont you just hate having awkward moments with people? And by awkward moments, I mean:

- You want to talk to them but you're afraid of saying something stupid, or afraid to get hurt because you expected a wonderful conversation after a while of not talking

- You have the eye-to-eye contacts all the time, and yet, you guys just never end up talking even though you can tell that you both want to talk to each other

- You're expecting a looonnnnnnngggggg conversation, but then once you talk, your mind's a blank or the conversation is going nowhere.

Well you guys get the point ^^. But yeah, awkward moments............................................................ like this......... right now............... yeah.............. yeah................ yep.

It's interesting how painful these awkward moments can be though. I mean, sometimes it's true, they fail your expectation, or actually you might even feel disappointed because you failed your expectation.

Gosh it really does get under your skin doesnt it? I know it does, but I mean, what could it hurt? For all you know, perhaps the other person is waiting for you to talk to them. Perhaps the other person feels the same pain you felt.

There is too many people in my life that I miss. I'm surviving for one purpose..... There's only one person that has set my life straight, it's Christ.

"And now these three remain: Faith, Hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. - 1 Corinthians 13:13 "

Someone amazing wrote me this verse on a card, and ever since I received it, I wrote this on my heart. That hopefully I'll never forget who really matters, especially at this time of year.
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Current Music: broken sound <.

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December 11th, 2005

09:34 pm - this is amazing
Here's something that my dear friend Princess windy wendy fifi came up with, it's sooo great!

The essence of who you truly are is not your looks, your social position, or any of your little charms; it is your morals and beliefs.

Watch classic Disney movies, like Lion King and the Little Mermaid, at least once every three years. Ignore the subliminal messaging.

Belief in anything is most certainly based on trust, which is why you must learn to believe in the invisible, and trust in its existence.

Occasionally treat yourself: eat that extra slice of cheesecake, and buy that fun pair of shoes.

One can possess different types of courage. It can be courage in the face of danger, courage to laugh at yourself, courage to know that everything will turn out ok, or courage to open up and be who you are in a world that tells you otherwise.

Give and receive hugs liberally and frequently.

A true test of friendship is to drop your ice cream cone; a true friend will always share their ice cream with you.

Communicate with family and friends, and on deeper levels than just who did what with whom when and why so and so did this when they were seeing what’s their name. Also, examine yourself from time to time, and see if you are becoming or are the person you want to be.

Fill some balloons with paint. Slap on an old t-shirt. Mould some slippery clay. Drink up some invigorating creative juices and express yourself.

Listen to children. Things that they say can be amusing, funny, insightful, heartfelt, or endearing. But it will never be nonsense.

Explore: break out of your personal space and try new things (lemon cool-aid and snow can be a wonderful practical joke, but they also make a delicious slushie).

And at the end of the day, or the beginning of a bright morning, or when you’re sipping a cappuccino or waiting at a red light that seems resolutely stubborn against turning green . . .

Remember that you’re alive, and be thankful.

I know i havent written many letters and havent talken to many of you yet. I'm terribly sorry, but heh, as u can see, i'm SOOOOOO busy. So many things have happened in my life recently, some new people have entered my life.... heheH ^^. XD
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: Seether - Broken

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December 5th, 2005

10:20 pm - last entry for a while lol!
Last entry for a while is THIS ONE RIGHT HERE! HAHAHA, how many times have i said that? ^^

IT's funny how most long distance friendships are hard to keep. heh, they are indeed, and perhaps that's why most of them die eventually. No matter how hard you try, there's just a disconnection in there.

Perhaps that's why we somewhat value our school friends. We see them everyday, laugh with them, become popular etc. Eventually some of us begins to know basically everyone at school, and end up getting phone numbers from girls (or giving ur phone # to guys if ur a girl).

But you know what the funny thing is? Why is it that after high school ends, that the friends that are long distant from u suddenly become the friends closest to u? Why is it that most of the high school friends that u constantly hang out with, suddenly....... disappear?

When I think about it, when switching from elementary school to high school, i remember disconnecting with so many of my friends. The theads were cut off because of lack of communication and effort.

Don't we feel this way sometimes? How often do we forget that true friends like us for who we are on the inside, and not on what stupid things we do or how we look?

To tell you the truth, honestly, i forget that quite often. It's been something I've been trying to work on for years. heheh, but it's true, sometimes stuff just get stuck in our head. And all we can focus on, are the things we shouldnt be focusing on, that lack value, or that we expect so much out of and yet we know we're just gonna get hurt in the end.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added upon you. One of my fav. verses and it's been stuck in my head ever since i was young. I never really thought much of it, but I'm beginning to see how every verse plays a significant role in our daily life.

Forget about placing everything else in front of God. Forget about girlfriends/boyfriends, video games, popularity, materialism, money, sex, forget everything that you value before God. Because really what will truly satisfy us, is neither of these items. But our spiritual needs are like the social meter in Sims (sad, i know lol), or our food in life. Don't forget about who truly matters.

And this concludes my entry, for a while XD.
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Current Music: Gundam Seed - Ending theme #3

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December 4th, 2005

08:49 pm - meh
Well I was going to make a LARGEEEEEEEE HUGE LJ, but meh hahaha.

Yesterday was pretty interesting. I woke up at 6:00 which by the way...... how da heck do you wake up so early guys?! Anyways, worked until 12:00, and DAMNIT, the XBOX 360 is gone!!!!! ARGH, I never got to finish that GAME! T_T I was the only one who didnt T_T, even the managers beat it -_-.

WHEEEEE coffeehouse! Ah it was pretty fun hahaha. MCs were awesome..... well.... sorta... jk lol, u guys were awesome. And everything was great! AND PRINCESS WINDY WENDY FIFI, and HER...... FOOD!

Wow, it seems like kanata IS really full of asians. Geez, all orleans is filled is with blondes and burnettes (bah i cant spell). It was pretty cool meeting new asians, after all, all i meet at my school is .. well....... YEAH. lol.

Ahhh too bad onee-chan wasnt there! ROAR! IF I HAD KNOWN, i wouldve RAN ALL THE WAY THERE WITH MY SUPER HORSE, AND GALLOP HER ALL THE WAY TO THE COFFEEHOUSE ^^. Oh Princess windy wendy fifi, be sure to give onee-chan her surprise on monday. DONT FORGET!

Today was an interesting service. Pretty fun, I guess. Bah, so i didnt go to second cup with u guys, psh...... i had a better time at home anyways watching fifi open up her gift lol. Anyways, so yeah. pretty fun.

Here's the topic i have chosen today to talk about deep stuff ^^.

ConcernsCollapse )
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November 30th, 2005

10:17 pm - so full again ^^
Yummy shark fin soup. Taste so good, i feel like i'm in paradise. ^^.

Bah, I'm getting rusty in my sports. Havent played for a while in everything, today i just played badminton with Charles. Damn, I suck lol. Got so rusty that we ended up with a tie against Mullings and Chohan. ROAR!

Aw geez, my charade is gonna be really crappy if I have to do it tmr. It's just SOOOOOOO OBVIOUS! I cant wait till friday's trip to the war museum. Gonna be so enjoyable.

Walked home with the twins first, and then later after they left to their intersection, went with alicia and brad. Wow, so there's a party going on soon and laura and jen are going? Hm..... havent seen laura in a while, then again, it was my fault that i took such a large break from msn <.=).
Current Mood: soresore
Current Music: Lifehouse - You and me

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