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January 27th, 2006

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11:13 pm - winter in the heart
It’s really a relief when people open up to me. Honestly, when they tell me what’s on their mind, what’s bothering them and what they really think about things, it shows me how much they actually trust me.

Even more, when they do reveal events or things that are bothering them to me, it shows me that I’m not the only one who’s experienced it. I can somewhat share the burden with them, and yet at the same time, help them since I myself have gone through the rough ends of life, especially at an early age.

The problem that I have though, is that I don’t like to reveal my life in depth to others. I like to share perhaps only the surface. I hate sharing my burdens and in life, there are few people that I actually TRUST with all my heart.

But the great thing is that I also got many school friends to open up to me as well. Strangely, they feel an awkward yet somewhat comfort when talking to me. It’s really great, because it opens up a chance to share Christ with them, and how He did wonders in my life.

There are times where people get hurt at a young age, and of course it’s hard to coop with it, and eventually they grow up not relying or depending on others. After enduring such pain in their past, they slowly manage to make progress in life like nothing really ever happened, alone. When people try to reach for them, they push people away feeling that it was the easiest way to assure that they don’t get hurt. But deep down inside, they are lost in thought, and hope that one day, they’ll meet a person that’ll melt their frozen hearts.

Perhaps I played too much Final Fantasy VIII, but don’t think this dilemma cant be reality. I pray that one day someone will help God to melt the rest of my frozen heart.
Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: Eyes on me - Faye Wong

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