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a beautiful scenery - germoffu

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January 17th, 2006

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10:22 pm - a beautiful scenery
Tired sleepy, all because of MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA! Been reading it like crazy for a while, and how Sayuri describes the culture is AMAZING, and yet in some inappropriate parts of the book, it was very disturbing.

Careers was just going to the computer lab. History, I almost slept in, but technically I don’t necessarily have to pay attention because I am after all ahead of the class. Hurray….. a summative -.-, oh well, math isn’t that hard ^^. And for French, aw geez, Trevor kept singing the OC song. Group wise, it was pretty fun, was in a group with Christina, Kathleen and Trevor. Crap where was Meghan? She has my work -_-

I need more stamps <.<.

Other than that, I just dunno what else to say. Or maybe…… I’m just not comfortable to share. My mind has been scattered everywhere. After exams, it’ll do me some good to get out of the house heheh. Right now, all I really want to do, is lie on the snow, and stare at the stars. I don’t care how cold it is, I just know that my mind will clear after thinking while looking at a beautiful sight.
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Current Music: Browneyes - With coffee

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