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January 2nd, 2006

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11:45 pm - if only....
I wonder what it would be like…. to be forgotten.... by the people you cared about. It sounds painful, perhaps even worse than any physical injury.

In a way, life is sorta like a game. Of course it’s more serious than just some random enjoyment, but each part plays a significant role to your life. As you go on further through life, you become stronger, and you learn to adapt through situations. Let’s not forget the hard times, the fact that it hurts, and changes who you are forever.

Scary thought isn’t it? You may even lose those precious to you, you may be born with a curse that haunts your life forever, or you may be lucky and enjoy the rest of the “game”. The standard game will consist of a series of difficulty at the beginning, but as you face every challenge, you become stronger, and the “game” becomes a lot easier.

You start on a journey, meet some friends that will always right by your side, or some friends that you never got along, but as the “game” progresses, you become closer. Or perhaps…. The people that are carrying the mask of a friend, that suddenly backstab you.

In my whole life, I’ve slowly begun to understand more and more of God’s pain. For the people you love to turn their backs to you, some may not even notice, while some does intentionally. How many times, do we forget Christ? How many times are we ashamed to be known as a Christian?

If only, we could share our pains with each other, perhaps the world wouldn’t be so bad. It takes a relationship built on trust, to be able to speak about your problems. It takes courage to spill your concerns and the things that are troubling you. Keeping it inside, will only make it worse.. I know this...... Because that’s what I’ve been doing all my life, even now. I know because I've kept everything that's bothering me to myself.

I'm determined to change. I want to become stronger... not brute strength, but to have a strong heart, like Christ.

If only.....
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Date:January 3rd, 2006 07:25 pm (UTC)
of course dude, but remember, in order to grow in Christ, you helpful to have a good fellowship with other Christians. If you just keep it inside, you said it yourself, it's gonna make it worse.

The more you focus on God, though, the more your life seems to make sense. But also the more you focus on God, the more trials He tends to put you through. So do yourself a favour, man. dont bottle things up. You should obviously take them to God, but remember to develop a fellowship, so others can pray for you as well. Heck, I'll pray for you dude. Let me know how things are going sometime yaw?

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